Friday, October 4, 2013

Less is always more- 10 tips to look French

Less is always more - simpler is always better. This could be a French motto. French women like neutral colors, staple clothes and basic items. You want to look French? Follow these 10 simple tips:

1- Use basic colors - black, beige, camel or white
2- Invest in quality - choose good quality basics that will last forever
3- Keep it simple - just one eye-popping accessory, that's it
4- Yes, jeans and sneakers (Bensimon or Converse style) are okay to wear everyday. Even for middle-aged women
5- Please, don't ever wear tennis shoes. Tennis shoes and sweat pants are a no-no - except if you are on your way to the gym or tennis court
6- Wear a scarf somewhere on your body - around your neck, your hair, your waist, or even tied to your purse
7- Pick a piece of jewerly for a stylish accent - a fancy bracelet or necklace, or earrings
8- A stylish, good quality leather purse will make a difference
9- Apply light make up - do not over do! French women never apply makeup with a heavy hand
10- Dress for your body type. Understand what shapes flatter your figure and stick with them. Always.

Inès de la Fressange, Paris style icon

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