Thursday, August 24, 2017

Happy Back to School!

As summer travels are ending and students preparing for the school year ahead, Saveur du Jour hopes you have a smooth transition back to school! In France, "la rentrée" or "the return" in English, is when students pack their backpacks and head back to school. Schools commonly start on September 4th this year. 

We know that going back to school after a long vacation might not be the appealing idea, which is why in this newsletter, you will find ideas for your next vacation (fall break perhaps?) & an offer for a free gift. 

Kind regards,
The Saveur du Jour team

New sweet (scented) treats!

Just in on Saveur du Jour: Panier des Sens soaps. These amazing scented artisan soaps are available in pinefighazelnut, and lavender. You can also get them in liquid & solid forms, and travel sets.

Don't forget to check out this variety gift box of Provence treats, too! Now, all of your favorite candies like butter caramels, nougat, chocolate coated treats, and fruity chews come all in one box!
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Living a fairy tale in Périgord Noir

The Périgord Noir is situated in the south west region of France and scattered with beautiful castles & amazing gardens, some of which date back all the way to the 12th century.

Due to the overwhelming amounts of pre historic areas & sites, Périgord is named "the cradle of mankind." You can tour the painted cave of Lascaux, whose depictions of deer, horses, and other animals dates back 17,000 years ago.

Along with touring the castles, you can plan to stay in one too! Some castles are offered for rent by their owners who care for preserving these beautiful landmarks. A great place to stay that Saveur du Jour recommends is the Castle la Poujade.

Whether you are a history buff, enjoy touring breathtaking castles, or prefer to spend time outdoors in nature, Périgord Noir is a great destination for your next vacation in France.

Summer photo submission!

Summer is, unfortunately, coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the little time we have left!

From now until September 4th, send in a picture of your favorite place you visited this summer to, and you will be featured on our blog and Facebook page! When your submission is entered, you will receive a free small gift with your next purchase! (Use code "picture" at checkout).