Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In 1420, when Provence was still a kingdom of its own, the king of Naples and Count of Provence, roi Rene, got married. Decades of wedded bliss later, his wife died, and rather than stay a swinging 44-year-old bachelor, he managed to find a 22 year old bride just a year later. The problem was that her dad arranged the marriage, and she wasn't thrilled. So Rene's chef decided that he'd invent a candy to cheer her up. That's how the Calisson was born!

The Calissons have been a specialty of Aix en Provence ever since. Nowadays, they are still made in Aix en Provence the traditional way, and are very popular in France. This exquisite treat made of almond, candied melon and sugar now comes in different varieties - with a chocolate icing, violet-flavoured, mini sized... Try some - you'll love them!

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